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Instagram Chatbot

With our Chatbot for Instagram app you are able to automatize the direct messages replies in Instagram. You could connect all your Instagram account and automatize the replies to the direct messages.

How is working the Chatbot for Instagram app?

  • You just have to connect your Instagram accounts in our Chatbot for Instagram app.
  • Enable it.
  • Create quick replies.
  • Group the quick replies with categories.
  • Last step is to go in the connected Instagram Accounts pages and select the categories from which should be used the quick replies.

The quick replies will be used only from the selected categories and our app verifies all quick replies until identifies the keywords condition with the highest accuracy for the received messages content. Then, replies and assigns the quick replies categories to the Instagram's user which is saves as guest. Based on the assigned categories, you need several seconds to understand which are the guest's interests.

Our Chatbot for Instagram provides even the tools to reply manually to the received direct messages. It shows in real time when an Instagram account receives the direct messages and the you with your team's member are able to reply immediatelly.

The connected Instagram accounts should be business.